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August 10, 2012
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BL-A: Christopher by SkywayMinority BL-A: Christopher by SkywayMinority
EDIT: Fixed that derpy eyeness Q A Q Big big thank you to my girl for that one OTL IwasgoingtomurderthisboyIswearQnQ


Hoooooo mah gloooooob more groups ;w;

This one just looked too good to pass up... Plus I really enjoyed making Chris so I know he's going to be used at least |D

Ways to RP with Christopher
:bulletwhite: Notes :bulletwhite:
:bulletblack: Comments :bulletblack:
-- Please keep in mind that I may be a bit longer to reply with comments ;A; Simply because work is trying to eat up all my spare time ;A; --


Info~ owo

First Name: Christopher

Middle Name: Wyatt

Last Name: Lowson

Nicknames ( Feel free to give him more owo ): Chris, Chris...mas

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: American

Age: 18

Birthday: 7th August

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 180 cms

Weight: 79 kgs

:bulletblue: Upbeat
:bulletblue: Friendly
:bulletblue: Determine
:bulletblue: Athletic
:bulletblue: Supportive
:bulletblue: Competitive
:bulletblue: Can become a little jealous when it comes to his partner ( Look but don't touch policy )
:bulletblue: Quiet when approached by a large group of people he doesn't know


Whilst Chris doesn't really mind either way in the relationship he does prefer to be the dominant of the two it really depends on who he's dating.

In a Relationship with:..
Anthony Sparrow :..::..: [link]

:bulletgreen: Sports ( Basketball and track running in particular )
:bulletgreen: Video games
:bulletgreen: Cooking
:bulletgreen: Dogs

:bulletred: Sudden loud noises
:bulletred: Arrogant people
:bulletred: Hertals |D
:bulletred: Rats

Special Talents/Attributes: Natural born athlete

Dreams: To play basketball for the NBA / Have an athletic career

Phobias: Porcelain dolls, breaking bones

Favourite Flower: Frangipani

Short Biography:
Christopher was born and raised in Sea Cliff, Long Island, New York whilst living with his Grandmother and their dalmatian “Banjo.” As an only child he rarely sees his mother who works away a lot and as for his father well... lets just say he's more than content with not knowing who he is. This being said his childhood friend Daniel more than happily slips into the roll of an irreplaceable best friend who he can trust and depend on.

Ever since he and Danny first spoke to each other they became inseparable, so much so that one night during a sleep over in response to a dare things started to travel beyond the boundaries of friendship. The boys soon decided amongst themselves after giving dating a crack for two weeks that it would be best for the both of them to just stay as friends as neither of them felt much past that. He sees the younger teen as a little brother and he's someone he feels that he can really open up to in times of need or just to have a laugh with.

Since a young age, Christopher has shown promising signs of athletic capability and has always been encouraged to follow on this path. Though because of his passion for sport and little intrest in much else it has taken a toll on his other studies and over the pass couple of years his grades had been steadily slipping. Basically he was told “Sort your grades out or you'll lose your place on the team” Unfortunately final straw was pulled when both Chris and Danny wound themselves up in a bit of sticky situation just as he managed to pull his grades back up. Unfortunately for Christopher his mother was home for the week and decided upon herself that action needed to be taken. She informed Chris that she had found a school which would give him a better chance with his sports career than the current school he was attending which cause Chris to jump at the idea.

… Unfortunately she forgot to mention that the class is all the way in Ireland... and so here he finds himself... Yikes.

owo ~Extra tidbids ~ owo
:bulletblack: Drives a red 1978 chevy El Camino. This thing is his child :l
:bulletwhite: Captain of the Basketball and track team in his old school
:bulletblack: Got Banjo when he was in the fifth grade
:bulletwhite: Hurtals have got to be by far his most disliked sport, just for the fact that the first time he did them he twisted his ankle on the second last one, leaving him out of action for a month and a half.
:bulletblack: He's allergic to nut's... Yes he's that child that prevented you from having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at school.
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: ~ More to be added ~ :bulletwhite: :bulletblack:

:bulletgreen: Friends :bulletgreen:

Daniel: Basically his little brother. He cares deeply for the teen since they've been friends ever since he could remember. He'd go out of his way for him to make sure he's safe happy and content.

#BL-A (c) :devIam4eva:
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redleaveshavefallen Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
;7; I just read that you are the Blue Team's Alice and oh my goodness. This makes me happy. I would love to be your guard and hide you from those pesky villians. Oh gosh, so much fun.
I haven't had much free time recently, but this is sounding like so much fun! If you don't mind my limited availability, would you like to do a Halloween RP? : D We haven't talked in such a long time.
SkywayMinority Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello You! QwQ
It has been a while~ >w< I feel like such a butt for only reading this now! QAQ I'm on my way home from America ;u;"
But I would love too if you're still up for it! ;w;
We can rp by email if thats a little easier~? Means I can reply to you when I'm at work at least xD
redleaveshavefallen Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no, it is completely fine! America misses you, by the way. ; D You probably weren't anywhere near me but the Midwest of America misses you especially.

Sure! I'll try to get on as often as I can, though it probably won't be more than once a day, if that's okay. ;u;
I'll note ya my email. Looking forward to this! Jack has so many plans for you. >: D
SkywayMinority Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww xD I was actually seeing my girlfriend so all the happy feels ;w; I miss America too |D

That's totally cool, it's much the same situation here xD
Awesome >w< ... I'm so worried for Chris |D
redleaveshavefallen Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
goodness, that sounds lovely! ;u; Lucky you.

Pfffft, |D as well you should. Maybe. He seems to hold his own pretty well.
NightmareInspections Sep 17, 2012  Student General Artist
He is cured from the derp disease~ |D
SkywayMinority Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That he is |D

Thank you so so much sweetie Q A Q

Christopher: I. Can. See. Q W Q
NightmareInspections Sep 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Mmmhmmm~ =w=

and your welcome, babe~ You know I'm happy to help you out~<333 * nuzzles against you lovingly *

Daniel: You can~? Q u Q
Aiaix Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*w* Ammggg, he wants to play for NBA too <3333 They most defiantly will be good friends! XD
X3 He's so iudgbsd awesome! X3 Can I hug him?! :3
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